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Why is my Labradoodle shedding?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Our labradoodles are allergy-friendly and don't shed for the main reason that their fur coat is very curly and the straighter it is, the more they would shed. But sometimes they will shed a little bit anyways depending on their fur coat.

So don't panic! It is normal if they shed a little bit and here is how to stop the shedding if you notice it:

Brush your labradoodle's hair every few days with a fur brush or even just a normal dog brush. The brushing will help brush off the loose fur that is on your labradoodle and lessen the shedding. But make sure it is a good brush, as well as a slicker brush. They're usually not expensive and is super useful for shedding hair!

Sometimes, the reason why they might shed is because of poor nutrition. To help your labradoodle with this, Omega 3 and MSM supplements. These two supplements are great for dogs who shed and could be perfect for you and your labradoodle.

Omega 3 unsaturated helps with developing a healthier coat and skin, which reduces shedding. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a supplement that provides collagen and keratin to your labradoodle which helps with hair growth and less shedding!

Routinely wash your labradoodle once or twice a month to prevent shedding and to reduce shedding by using a dog-shedding shampoo. This will help wash the loose and dead fur from the rest of its fur.

Make sure your dog isn't stressed! Like humans, when stressed their fur might begin to shed as well. Of course, there could be many reasons as to why they may be stressed. It could be missing a close person, an adjustment to the environment, insufficient exercise, etc. The best thing you can do to comfort them is create a routine of eating, walking, playing, etc. to ease any stress. Treats and scritches are also important!

If your labradoodle is shedding excessively, take them to a veterinarian immediately. It could be because of:

- allergies

- insects or lice

- Kidney or liver issues

- immune system issues

- cancer

- prescriptions that your labradoodle may be taking

These are only if your labradoodle is excessively shedding, do not freak out if he/she just sheds a little bit!

Remember to love and spend time with your labradoodle because they unconditionally love you!

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2 komentarze

D. K.
D. K.
2 days ago

I have these two dogs, a Labradoodle and a Labrador Retriever. The Labradoodle was the first one to start shedding his fur. But now even my Retriever is shedding and losing his coat. I was reading up on the labrador dog spiritual meaning and it said they may shed when feeling stressed as a way to release that burden. Guess my pups must be feeling the pressure!


James Brown
James Brown
06 paź 2022

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