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We will provide a fun, well-mannered family doodle dog companion. We can gladly train your puppy and we have a variety of options 4, 6 weeks, 2 or 3 extended months $70 a day. We insure instant happiness leaving out all the stress when adding a dog to your family.  That’s why purchasing already-trained dogs are becoming an increasingly popular choice when shopping for a new pet. 




Every interaction with a new puppy is a training opportunity. We begin raising your puppy during their imprinting phase. During this phase your puppy’s brain is still developing, making them more impressionable and easily influenced. We train your puppy a combination of new skills including obedience, manners, setting boundaries and fostering healthy relationships.



House Training


Every day we spend 4-5 hours working with house training alone. It takes a large amount of consistency, patience and time for a puppy to master house training.

  • Crate trained– this is training them to be used to being in a crate at night, for feeding & for breaks. They learn to sleep through the night.

  • Potty trained– training the pups to hold the restroom indoors 

  • Chew trained– training them what to chew and what not to chew.

  • Bite trained– training them not to be aggressive or bite humans.

  • Jump trained– training them not to jump up on couches, people, chairs, etc…

Obedience Training


Every puppy works on each one of these commands every day. This takes a lot of time and skill but by 12 weeks of age most pups are better trained than pups 12 months of age in these areas!

  • Sit“- voice & hand commands

  • Stay” – voice & hand commands

  • Down“- voice & hand commands

  • Come“- voice & hand commands

  • Off“- voice & hand commands

  • Sit/Stay“- voice & hand commands

  • Down/Stay“- voice & hand commands

  • Place“- teaching them to go to a certain “place” on command. Reserved for extended training programs of Doggy Doctorate

  • Stair Trained– Teaching every day to go up and down stairs

Socialization Training

  • Stranger Trained– each puppy goes on multiple schedule “field trips” to various safe locations to get them use to different people. They are taken to pet friendly stores and are handled weekly by strangers. Our family and friends helps getting each puppy used to every type of personality, gender & race.

  • Child Trained– We have many children that come over from our workers that play with the pups occasionally.

  • Vet Trained– Pups are use to be handling by a veterinarian. Every precaution is taken to assure the pups have “happy visits” when they are there.

  • Noise Trained– Between the vacuum cleaner, to hair dryer, to industrial fan, to television to our piano…each puppy is use to hearing loud noises and are not fearful of them.

  • Grooming Trained– Pups are continuously given baths and are accustomed to being bathed, blow dried, nails clip, ears cleaned and even their teeth brushed.

Outside Training

  • Leash Trained– every day, each individual puppy is trained how to appropriately walk on a leash. This is also associated with “heeling” or making sure the puppy walks beside you. We train each pup to walk on a certain side, not to walk ahead or drag behind. They are taken up stairs and down stairs on a leash. They are trained on a harness and eventually moved to a collar.

  • Car Trained– every week we take the pups are field trips to help with socialization and car sickness. Our goal is to have each puppy use to riding in a vehicle and not experience motion sickness.

  • Household items familiarity–  we make sure every puppy is used to all types of household furniture, electronics, vacuum, loud noises including lawn mower. 

We can gladly train your puppy and we have a variety of options 4, 6 weeks, 2 or 3 extended months $70 a day.

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