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Why are labradoodles considered hypoallergenic?

If you have pet-related hair or dander allergies, you have probably considered adding a doodle to your family. There are many common misconceptions regarding doodles of all kinds, with the largest being that they are completely hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic Versus Allergy Friendly

You must determine if you are in fact allergic to dogs (hair and dander) or the protein that is found in a dog's saliva and urine. That is best determined by a doctor. Besides dander or saliva, you may be allergic to what a dog naturally brings in from the outside, grass, dust, and pollen on their coat versus the dog itself. In the case of saliva or outside allergens, all dogs will increase your allergy symptoms.

If you believe you are allergic to dogs the best way to determine if you are allergic to labradoodles is to be around one (the correct type) .

Remember there are Labradoodles (flat coated, fleece coated, wool coated.

Labradoodles are thought to shed less fur and to produce less of the stuff that triggers allergies, such as dander and saliva.

If your family wants a non shed dog, allergy friendly pet an Australian Labradoodle with a fleece or wool coat is one of the BEST choices. If both parents and grandparents of a Australian Labradoodle puppy do not shed your puppy should not. Selective breeding for the coat trait should result in a non shedding coat. It takes at least three generations to consistently produce non shedding results and even then a breeder can occasionally find a slightly shedding dog due to recessive genetics.

The Australian Labradoodle was originally bred for the sole purpose of filling the need for a hypoallergenic service dog. In addition to being remarkably intelligent and very friendly, the Australian Labradoodle was bred to have a low or no-shed coat, limiting the amount of dander they contribute and making the aid of service dogs available to those with dog allergies and special needs.

Many people are familiar with pet dander as an allergen. The allergenic proteins adhere to the dander and dander adheres to hair, making heavily shedding breeds difficult to own for people who suffer with allergies. While the Australian Labradoodle’s non-shedding or lightly shedding coat and its calm demeanor when held (less agitation, less dander) address this allergy concern, please keep in mind that it is not always the dog dander that someone may be allergic to, but the highly-allergenic dog saliva.

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