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Welcome home puppy package


 Welcome home puppy package

When you purchase this $350 package from us, your puppy will use the crate , exercise pen, bed pad and feeding bowls for 15 days before you pick up your puppy. This approach will individually help with the crate training, feeding and adaptation to the new home making the transition much easier for you and your puppy.

What you need for your new puppy . When adopting a puppy for the first time, there are certain things every owner should have on hand from day one.

Suplies you will need.

(when bringing home your Brightstar doodle)




Dog Crate

A Dog Crate is a safe place to keep your pup when you’re away and it gives the puppy a place of her own. Dog gates are also good for keeping your pup confined to safe areas.


Puppy Pads

You’ll need puppy pads until your pup is old enough to “hold it” (generally puppies don’t have bladder and bowel muscle control until 5 months of age).


Dog Collar & Dog Leash

Of course, all dogs need a dependable Dog Collar and Leash. As your puppy grows you’ll need to adjust her collar accordingly. Plan to go through several collars in the first year. A standard 6 foot long (3/4” wide) nylon leash should last a long time. Make sure the hardware on the leash is appropriate for the size of your dog. Don't forget to add a Dog I.D. Tag for safety, just in case your pet ever gets lost.


Dog Toys

Providing your puppy with appropriate Dog Toys is a great way to exercise and entertain her. It also helps cut down on the puppy claiming your possessions as toys. If you do find your puppy with your good shoes in her mouth, grab a toy and make a trade. Then remind yourself to put your shoes out of the puppies reach.  


Dog Treats

You’ll need lots of healthy treats for training. Soft training treats that are easily broken into small pieces are a smart choice for puppies.


Dog Grooming Supplies

Every pup will need a bath, so Dog Grooming Supplies are a must. Be sure to use a gentle Dog Shampoo, preferably a puppy shampoo formula. You’ll also need nail clippers and a brush.


Dog Food

Feeding your puppy a high quality diet is the best way to keep her healthy. Choose a natural puppy food that suits your dog's needs. 

Your little one is going to need plenty of attention and potty breaks to keep him happy and well socialized! 


 Welcome home puppy package
 Welcome home puppy package
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