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How big do labradoodles get?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

In general labradoodles can be miniature, medium or standard in size.

The size of our adult Labradoodles will purely depend on the size of the parents. It is handy to know that all Brightstar Labradoodles are classed as medium sized dogs and when fully grown, the largest of our labradoodles should not be larger than 24 inches high and about 40 lbs.

Although we have produced medium/small sizes around 18 Inches tall and 25 lbs.

The medium sized Labradoodle makes a great companion for a small home or apartment owners. A popular pet choice for families with children.

From left to right the first one is Pixie one of the smallest labradoodle we owned, a very loyal and friendly female, 23 lbs and 18 inches tall.

Then the last one on the right which is the biggest doodle we own Buttercup, about 45lb and 25 inches tall.

If you are after a particular size, always visit and consult with us about what you’re looking for. No responsible breeder can guarantee that their Labradoodle puppies will definitely grow to be an exact size. But they can offer information on the parents’ physical background, which will give you a rough guide on how large your puppy will be as an adult.

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