Daisy AKA Luna is our super sweet and cuddly femalelabradoodle.She will melt your heart with her sweet and calm temperament. She will eagerly greet new people, and she absolutely loves the attention that she gets from them.This friendly Daisy has an amazingly soft and flowing apricot fleece coat currently weights 34lb. 



MAYA AKA Cookie is the most charming little bear of a dog that ever existed!  She is smart,  sweet, playful, energetic and affectionate. This little girl doesn't miss a thing! medium/ small standard girl with a gorgeous creme fleece coat that is easily maintained.  she weights 32 lb.

This little lady loves children.  She captures the hearts of everyone.



Dollie is a Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle medium size with outstanding confirmation. This beautiful “fun loving” little girl is the apple of her folk’s eye and brings much love  and joy to her loving family in Glenview IL.



Finn Labradoodle


Friendly and loyal Labradoodle his petite size   

18 lb with a beautiful apricot wool texture.


Rusty is our darling creme/white labradoodle. He has a strong build with fantastic boning. He is rock solid 37 lb. Rusty has a curly fleece coat. His coloring is amazing! While he appears white, his genetic makeup is RED. He is the happiest boy in town! is so affectionate and loving. I cannot get enough love from this sweet man! Hips are OFA prelim Good and Elbows normal.

brightstar Labradooodle Duke


DUKE is our new stud in the breeding program he   is a sweet, happy, and intuitive boy.

Medium size 45 lb and a beautiful creme coat.

He is a quick learner  with a lovely disposition and therapy temperament, and is so very dedicated to his loving family in Glenview IL.



Pixie Doodles is our new family member from the Jungle book litter.

We love her playful and loving  personality.

Loves to bother her mom (LUNA) and sister (COOKIE) all day long!! lol. 


Australian labradoodle for sale Florida


Friendly and loyal Labradoodle his petite size   

18 lb with a beautiful apricot wool texture.


Playful and energetic with a very sweet temperament.

She will begin her program in 2021.