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Puppies for sale In Chicago''

The mission of Brightstar Labradoodles is to provide beautiful Labradoodles that are


- Healthy

- Well-figured

- Well-tempered

- Allergy and Asthma friendly


We match Labradoodles puppies with the right people to provide Forever Friends for happy families.

Labradoodle Puppies


Labradoodle Puppies Chicago
The Perfect Family Dog.

  • Allergy friendly

  • Intuitive

  • Great with kids

  • Easy to train

  • Gorgeous

Chicago Labradoodles for sale

Brightstar Labradoodles Chicago
''Where best friends are born''

Meet the most beautiful Australian Labradoodles of this planet. ​ 

We are a small, in-home breeder of Labradoodles located in Glenview Illinois just 15 minutes away from Chicago.

We raise our dogs at home where they are free to play with our children. Our Labradoodles are in about 12 states in the USA.

Our Labradoodles are members of our family and have really enriched our lives. We want to bring them- a wonderful family pet and companion to your home.

The puppies are introduced to the outside world and many of its wonders before they leave us for their forever families

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