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Why you should train your labradoodle to be a therapy dog!

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

A therapy dog helps give comfort and love to those who need it most. It could visit people who are at hospitals, stuck at home, or really anyone who is just in need of a little affection and support from a fuzzy friend. It is important to note that therapy dogs are not service dogs nor assistant animals. Although similar, therapy dogs are not prescribed to someone with special needs or disabilities by a doctor or a mental health specialist. They do not require any certification or special training!

Now, you may ask, why should we train our dogs to be therapy dogs?

It can be so beneficial for a family to have a therapy dog, you don't necessarily need to have a therapy dog to service others, it could all just be for your own family and friends. Of course, you can always get certification for your dog to go to hospitals, retirement homes, etc. as a therapeutic visitation dog, but it isn't an obligation. It can be so helpful for your family because they can help with anxiety, depression, stress, improving social skills, or just simply making the person feel better!

They will be able to really comfort almost anyone who is in distress, they will be the one thing that you can have by your side when nothing else seems to be there. It can be so important for your mental health and for others' mental health.

Can labradoodles be good therapy dogs?

Of course they can! The only requirements to become a therapy dog are to be cute, have a calm and loving temperament, and to be well-trained and behaved. Labradoodles are can be very energetic, but even so, they are extremely loving and calm when they have to and when they know that you need them.

Their training

Their training is almost as similar as it is as regular training, but when trained as a therapy dog, they learn when it is okay to be energetic and when to be calm and comforting.

We encourage to get your labradoodle trained as a therapy dog to help out yourself or anyone who really needs it.

We know what it's like to need support and to need love and comfort, so we provide you with our amazing labradoodles to help you or anyone else out!

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