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For many dogs, people are exciting.

When a new person comes to your door, your dog stands a good chance of getting his butt rubbed, being pet, or at least some attention, right?

For many dogs, they get so worked up and excited that they have to be put outside when strangers come over, because they are simply too out of control.

But let's look at why this is?

New people coming over is a lot like Christmas is to young children. It's an opportunity to get something it really wants.

Cute Puppies Can Easily Get The Wrong Kind Of Attention

And let's face it, what person coming over to your home could resist your cute little Labradoodle puppy?

Your Puppies "Cute Factor" Works Against Him

Because strangers are always coming over and doting on how cute a puppy is, it conditions most dogs to get excited to see new people.

If left unchecked, the excitement that builds up inside your dog becomes so strong that he can't control it.

Think Kids who get so excited for Christmas presents they start misbehaving.

In order to fix this behavior, you need to break this habit of strangers doting on your pup. Remember the Nothing in Life is Free Principle? It applies here as well.

What I recommend to my clients is that the first skill they should train their dog is not sit, stay or come... but to go lay on his mat. And I recommend that this behavior is the behavior that require their young puppy to do when people come over.

If you'll cue your dog to go lay on his mat and stay there when new people come over, it allows him to practice self control away from the people who come to your home, instead of getting worked up and doted on at your feet.

I recommend you train your dog to continue to lay on his mat, until your guests are situated before allowing your dog off his mat to mingle with guests.

If you can, try to help your guests ask your pup to sit before doting on them. They might think you're a bit of an strict dog owner, but as your dog ages, you'll have people telling you how lucky you are to have a dog with such self control when he automatically sits in front of guests calmly... and only you and I will know LUCK had nothing to do with it ;-)

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