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What it's like to have trained labradoodle

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

When having a labradoodle it is best to have one that is trained because of their active and energetic selves. Here we will give you insight on what it's like to have a trained labradoodle and what it can help your family!

Firstly, trained labradoodles save money!

Training your labradoodle saves money because you wouldn't have to spend more money in extra services for your pet as long as your pet is well-behaved with the owner.

They can:

- Travel in cars

- Stay in hotels

- No furniture destruction!

- No biting or crazy jumping!

When the dog is traveling with you, the dog and your family will enjoy just fine without spending money on a dog sitter or having others take care of your labradoodle!

In addition, when trained, they would not cause damage to your home, therefore would not only be less of a hassle, but also less expensive!

Second, Labradoodles learn to understand basic commands and obey.

They can/are:

- Go to the groomer and vet without giving the groomer/vet a difficult time.

- Remain obedient on a leash and without.

- sociable and friendly with other pets and people.

- Potty trained!

When your labradoodle is trained and it is time for grooming or to go to a vet, it is super helpful for everyone when the labradoodle is cooperative and obedient, and most importantly, calm. They know that as long as they are in your presence and are assured that they won't be hurt or aren't in danger, they don't need to act in a very crazy, wild manner.

This also applies to when they are on and off the leash. They will be obedient no matter if they are on the leash or not!

Additionally, when trained, they are taught to not hurt harmless animals and people. They become very friendly and sociable which is important for dogs who would be exposed to the public.

Finally, a trained labradoodle is also potty trained! They learn that they can't do their business indoors (unless trained to) and become accustomed to going outside to potty, which is super helpful if you don't want to clean poop and pee all the time inside your home!

We explained what it's like to have a trained labradoodle and why it's beneficial to have your labradoodle trained!

Shiloh and Cookie!

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