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Best YouTube channels for dog training.

We’ll be honest here – we are guilty of spending hours on youtube channels for dog training. Youtube truly is one of the best social media platforms to learn dog training. As we’re all dog owners we definitely need some professional advice.

Dog Youtube Channels Most channels convey important tips, tricks, and knowledge about dog breeds in general – which can be quite helpful if you’re new to being a dog owner.

1. Emily Larlham  –  Kikopup

Swedish dog trainer Emily Larlham is the woman behind Kikopup, one of the most comprehensive and thorough youtube dog training channels in existence.

2. Donna Hill

Donna is a Canadian dog trainer and behaviourist.

She has some excellent tutorials, and her videos are mostly cleanly filmed with a range of camera angles that makes them easy on the eye.

3. Tab Shamsi   –  Training Positive

Tab Shamsi’s videos are also very suitable for complete beginners.  It is a shame that he is not still uploading videos regularly, but if you haven’t viewed his collection yet, it is well worth a visit to his channel.

In my own experience there is 3 main targets when training your puppy.

  1. Fun

  2. Repetition

  3. Consistency

Have fun training and playing with your Doodles!!

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