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Why Labradoodles are Great Companion Dogs

Labradoodles have personalities that combine the warm, loving, loyal characteristics of the Labrador with the intelligence and protective nature of the poodle.This makes them ideal therapy dogs for people with autism, physical disabilities, depression and other similar challenges. Labradoodles make excellent guide dogs for the blind - which was the original purpose for which they were bred. Labradoodles are smart, eager to please, easy going and friendly. Their photos often show their adorable nature. Many people also appreciate the fact that labradoodles have almost no shedding.

Keep in mind that designer dogs, like labradoodles can be a bit of a genetic wild card - breeders never fully know which personality traits or characteristics. In addition, a pup's color at birth is onnly a close approximation of its final coloring as it ages. 

For example: Labradoodles can have different types of fur. Some look like shaggy retrieversm while others may have more curl and resemble poodles with loose cuts. Many labradoodles will fall somewhere between those two looks. Plan to brush your labradoodle every day and schedule clipping every 8 to 12 weeks if you wish to continue seeing those sensitive eyes!

Continue to learn about Labradoodles and you may discover that its the right dog for you and your family!

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