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Buying a trained puppy.

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Our puppies are our biggest joy and give us love and companionship when we need it the most. But, when untrained, it can be difficult when they constantly disobey and display behavioral issues. Having an untrained puppy could lead to stress for the owner and for the dog due to the lack of communication and obedience. It is extremely important because some dogs develop behavioral issue as early as 8 weeks old. A trained puppy can definitely help you as the owner protect them better, have them around others, and develop habits that make them more enjoyable pets!

The first benefit to buying a puppy who is already trained is that it can allow you to better protect them.

When unrestrained, your dog may carelessly run off and get lost, jump in front of a car, etc. When trained, using voice commands or other methods can keep them from running off and to keep them in your eyesight.

Additionally, if your dog ever gets lost, the dog will be well-behaved and ensure that there is no danger to others!

Secondly, a trained puppy is more sociable.

When a puppy is trained, they learn to respect boundaries is properly behaved when others come near them. The puppy will also be more relaxed and comfortable around other dogs, small children, etc. They become very gentle with others and that is an important characteristic that they acquire.

Lastly, it is extremely worth it!

It is worth it to buy a trained puppy because, as they grow and develop, a closer bond is built between you and your amazing puppy! When trained, they can be easier managed and are able to partake in family activities and social events rather than keeping them home or behind a gate. They are housebroken and sanitary for your home and, most importantly, they will enjoy and have a better quality of life.

Where can you find a trained dog?

Here at Brightstar Labradoodles, we have a special training program for those who wish to have their puppy trained prior to having them in the home. We train them for 6 months using voice commands, when and where to go potty, hand signals, etc. (For more information found here) We train them with care and love so they can be an amazing addition to your family!

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