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Preparing your home for a new puppy

Congratulations on welcoming a new puppy into your family! 

Now is the time to prepare for your puppy's arrival! Start by selecting a veterinarian and purchasing all the necessities. But, after the fun part of choosing a cute collar and getting a name tag engraved, it’s time to get down to business by puppy proofing your home. 

Preparing your home for a puppy is very much like preparing your house for a curious toddler! Make sure your environment is as safe as possible by reviewing our checklist below.

        New Puppy Home Preparation Checklist:

  • Unplug electrical cords, move them out of reach, or string them through cord concealers. Chewing these hazards can  burn the mouth or cause electrical shock.

  • Keep cleaning supplies in high cabinets or secured behind doors with childproof latches. When using any chemicals, make sure the puppy is kept out of the area, so he won’t be affected by the vapors given off by chemicals or lick the chemicals from wet surfaces.

  • Put all medications away. Avoid keeping medications (even those in pill bottles or dispensers) on low tables, bathroom counters or night tables, where the puppy can easily get to them.

  • Keep toilet lids closed, so the puppy won’t drink out of the toilet or fall in.

  • Keep doors and windows closed at all times, so the puppy can’t escape or fall out. Secure the cords that raise blinds, so the puppy won't get them caught around its neck.

  • Put away small items that are choking hazards, including coins, paper clips, rubber bands, and jewelry, to prevent the puppy from choking on them.

  • Keep all sharp objects out of your dog’s reach, including knives, scissors, razors, and tools.

  • Secure trashcans. Puppies are attracted to the smells coming from garbage and garbage can upset their tummies or may even be poisonous.

  • Move or remove poisonous houseplants, so the puppy can’t eat them.

  • Avoid feeding a puppy food from the table. Pups may look adorable as they beg for food, but many human foods are not good for them. Pay special attention to sugarless gum, chocolate, raisins, and other foods that are especially poisonous to dogs.  

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