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Finding the Right Dog Breeder

Begin by gathering references, not by scouring advertisements!

This means asking your veterinarian for a good reference based on her/his experience with lots of pups.

It also means contacting your friends with great dogs and asking them about their breeders.

The best dog breeders rely on these types of "word of mouth" references to introduce them to potential owners. 

Responsible dog breeders need to get to know you. They will ask important questions to determine whether your home is a good fit for one of their puppies. After all, a breeder's reputation rests on successfully placing their healthy, happy puppies in loving, forever homes.

You should visit the puppies and experience the breeder's environment. 

* Are the puppies kept inside the home? 

* Is there a single litter? 

* Do they breed more than one type of dog? 

Bring your list of questions. 

* The breeder should be patient and  happy to provide answers that are clear. 

* The breeder should be transparent and open with you.   

* You should feel comfortable that you can call with any further questions. 

* You should be able to visit again, if desired.

If you are considering taking one of the puppies, make sure that the any medical records will be provided.

Remember, a great breeder cares just as much about finding the right match for each pup, as you do about finding a friend for life!

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