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Do labradoodles shed?

Australian Labradoodles are considered to be non- to low shedders, depending in those with a Fleece or Wool coat. Hair coats tend to shed just as they do in other breeds, ranging from very low to average shedding. ... Grooming requirements vary depending on the length and type of coat the dog has,basically the answer depends on genetics.

In addition, I need to define shedding, all dogs lose hair. Some have a fur coat and lose fur individually all day, more prior to hot weather.  Fur grows to a set length then drops out then grows again to a set length and falls out, this is shedding.

If your priority is a non shed dog, specifically you want at least a third generation or later Multi- Generational Labradoodle OR Australian Labradoodle. Either can have a Fleece or Wool Coat.

Australian Labradoodles on the other hand, are many more generations away from the shedding Labrador; their coats have been developed over the last 35 years such that they DO NOT SHED and therefore have a very high compatibility rate with allergy and asthma sufferers.

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